Book Review Websites

Hello people!

Just wonder which book review websites you guys go and contribute?  I usually go to Anobii.  I prefer going there for several reasons:

1.  It’s built and hosted by a group of Hong Kong people.  I’m from Hong Kong.

2.  I like the bookshelf design.  I mean, graphically there is a bookshelf in your ‘library’.

3. They have a scanning app which I can use to scan the bar codes of the book and info of the book (contributed voluntarily by users)It saves time.  I mean, it is just fun to do the scanning. hahaha

However, there are not many people in the U.S. knows about this site. Good Read and Amazon are popular.  Both are great and informative platforms.

My bookworm friends, feel free to leave comment.

Have a good read!


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