How do you like your e-reader?

Hey people,

What type of e-reader do you use?  I have a soft touch nook.  Always being persuaded to switch to Kindle.  Well, the main reason I keep buying books from Barnes and Noble is that I want to financially support this company and hopefully that will keep the mortar bookstores  of B&N in business.

Currently I’m reading Secret Garden with my nook.  What are you reading?

Suen Ying Ng


6 thoughts on “How do you like your e-reader?

  1. For pleasure reading, I am currently reading Deborah Harkness’s book “Shadow of Night” in tangible form. I have a Kindle (an older version) and have never really looked at the Nook. I like the Kindle, though, because I don’t like to read back-lit items for a very long time (it hurts my eyes).

    As I mentioned in my blog post, I prefer to read tangible books over books on e-readers. I also love to shop in brick-and-mortar bookstores. I enjoy Barnes and Noble, but I much prefer to shop at local bookstores with both used and new books.

  2. I’m using an iPad for my e-reader, and if the book is available, I’ll use the Kobo application, as I can buy through a local bookstore, and they get a percentage of the sale. I also use both OverDrive and Blio applications for downloading digital library books.

    I just finished a new biography about King Edward VII, and I’m going to start on Heirs to the Body by Carola Dunn later today.

    1. That’s great! I like OverDrive too. There are actually plenty of digital books available in SFPL. (San Francisco Public Library) It’s good to read recipes with colorful pictures.
      About Kobo, I’m not sure how to use it. Though I have it downloaded it in my iPad, it seems a bit complicated. Will spend time exploring it.
      Thanks for your comments

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