Book Review Websites

Hello people!

Just wonder which book review websites you guys go and contribute?  I usually go to Anobii.  I prefer going there for several reasons:

1.  It’s built and hosted by a group of Hong Kong people.  I’m from Hong Kong.

2.  I like the bookshelf design.  I mean, graphically there is a bookshelf in your ‘library’.

3. They have a scanning app which I can use to scan the bar codes of the book and info of the book (contributed voluntarily by users)It saves time.  I mean, it is just fun to do the scanning. hahaha

However, there are not many people in the U.S. knows about this site. Good Read and Amazon are popular.  Both are great and informative platforms.

My bookworm friends, feel free to leave comment.

Have a good read!


Thoughts on teamwork.

Hello people!

What a great Thursday!  This is my second post and it will be about my little thoughts on the tips on success and online teamwork.

In Dr. Ken Haycock’s discussion on “Working in Teams” , he classifies teammates whom you are not happy to work with into a few categories.  And I am going to talk about the kind I can’t get along well and the type of people that I actually have no problem with.

According to Dr. Haycock, dominating participants are those who “suck up more air time than is fair or equal”.  Well, I am actually okey with these people.  It is always good to have people who’s willing to talk more than the others.  How about when there’s dead air in our conversation? Someone needs to fill in the gap. Usually these so-called dominating participants  will keep commenting, sometimes keep complaining.    Then there lays a chance for us to start a new topic based on one of the comments given.   Just let them talk.  We can ignore these dominating participants if what they do is irrelevant to the project.  The rest of team can just keep going.   For me, the point is to “keep moving”, or nothing will be done.

And that’s why I have problem with overbearing participants.  In his discussion,  Dr. Haycock nicknames these people blockers.  Literally they are.  The problem of these people is that they don’t listen to the others and are too self-centered.   Don’t ever think you can change the minds of these blockers.  It’s just a waste of time.  Usually I just work with the rest of the team as most people do know what they are doing.  What do you think?

In another discussion about teamwork, “The Monster Inside Library School: Student Teams”, Enid Irwin points out people often think wrongly that “split(ing) the assignment and get(ting) back together right before the due day” will make a good plan. It is a good plan to have people split up the job and work independently, as everyone has a busy life (who doesn’t).    However, constantly keeping everyone updated and informed of the progress is also important. I learnt a hard lesson in college.  One of my teammate of my class (don’t remember what class that was) dropped the class without notifying anyone in the team.  Our teacher didn’t inform us neither.  We gathered up physically two days before the deadline and found out part of the work could not be accomplished at all.  And it was too late to find another partner…..Headache………..Although it was not totally our fault,  the instructor surely had an unpleasant impression on everyone in the group.  So, the key is, always keep ourselves updated; vice versa, it’s our responsibility to let people in your team know what you are up to.

How do you like your e-reader?

Hey people,

What type of e-reader do you use?  I have a soft touch nook.  Always being persuaded to switch to Kindle.  Well, the main reason I keep buying books from Barnes and Noble is that I want to financially support this company and hopefully that will keep the mortar bookstores  of B&N in business.

Currently I’m reading Secret Garden with my nook.  What are you reading?

Suen Ying Ng